Your naturopath can help you unlock the cause of your weight gain !

When you are considering your health. There is never one reason for your health problems.

You need to consider your life and your health holistically!

As a Naturopathic Doc I ask my patients about everything. Your motivations, your mental health, your sleep and your poop.

You might think that by eating less food, or by limiting or eliminating certain foods you will change your whole life.

But there are some serious things stopping you from losing weight and gaining that perfect body you have been dreaming of.

You need to rest, express and digest.

So, what is your sleep pattern like honestly? How many Netflix Specials have you binged watched in the last month (and told your doc you don't have time to take a walk...!?). Sleep is HUGE.

Without sleep we can affect our circadian rhythms and that means our sugar levels and our appetites. So, start with finding good rest. We can test your cortisol levels and brain hormones at the clinic. So come down to N-Mac and let's talk about sleep.

Expression is vital to getting what you want out of life. Without expression, you will be in an incredible state of stress and dissatisfaction. When you are stressed, your body goes into hibernation mode. Your body stores fat just in case something really horrendous occurs.

And that is what your stress is telling your body on a daily.

Something bad is going to happen. So let's get ready. Let's store a bunch of fat on these bones to prepare for the crisis ahead. You are affecting your hormone levels and creating an imbalance!

But, guess what. You will always have stress. So you need to find ways to express yourself. And find ways to support your mental health. Looking at your hormone levels will be the first step. And then you can start to rebalance yourself with food, talk and maybe some supplements and vitamins from NMAC Medical.

And finally, what are you digesting? How does it all look in the end? If you are eating your food on the run and picking foods that are highly processed, how can you absorb what you need from your food?

How can you support your body to be able to rest and repair at night. And to think and offer self-care while processing all the strains and worries of life.

You digest everything that happens during the day: food, emotions, interactions with other people. So, let's take a deep, dark dive into that bowl of answers. You will learn so much about yourself when you assess what goes in and what comes out on a daily basis.

You can help your body with a nice little colon hydrotherapy treatment. Eating the right fiber and taking the right supplements can be even more supportive. You can remove the toxins, hydrate your colon with filtered water and revitalize yourself with an awesome diet of carefully selected whole foods.

With your Nmac Naturopath you will come to understand the underlying causes of your weight gain and your stubborn fat deposits. It's not a simple solution. You are wonderfully complicated and complex. Your naturopath can help you unlock the cause of your weight gain and assist you with finding the solution.