Story About: New Year's Detox

New Year's Detox with Dr Katherine Dale

Story About: Meet Dr. Katherine Dale

Meet Dr. Katherine Dale, Naturopathic Doctor of NorthShore Medical Center

Story About: Meet Dr Amani Flood

Meet Dr Amani Flood and stay tuned to more videos as we get to know her and our providers!

Story About: Dr. Katherine Dale

Ms Thang on Power 95 Radio Bermuda Interviews Dr Katherine Dale, Naturopathic Doctor.

Story About: Benefits of Myers Cocktail

Dr. A Flood, NMD at Northshore Medical Center, discusses the Myers Cocktail and its benefits.

Story About: Performing a Colon Hydrotherapy on Patient

Seeing is believing! We decided to show you how simple it is to get a colon hydrotherapy to help you do your cleanse. See how the water pushes out the waste in the intestines. Book your treatment today!

Story About: BBC Interviews Dr Armani Flood on new Online Health Seminars in Bermuda to correct bad habits due to Covid-19

Dr. Flood speaks to Bermuda Broadcasting Company during the news to educate the public on getting the help they need for their health due to Covid-19.

Story About: Dr. K Brown Receives Myers Cocktail IV Infusion

Dr. Kyjuan Brown Medical Director at Northshore Medical Center, today received his 1st Myers Cocktail for cold/flu like symptoms.

Story About: NMAC Lecture Series - You are what you eat!

Dr Amani flood educates us on cooking and eating healthy during Nutrition Week.

Story About: Dr Amani Flood - Cellular Detox Lecture

Dr Flood educates us on the benefits of a cellular detox, it dispels the myths that are out there on detoxification.