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COVID-19 took the world by storm and healthcare providers had to act fast to help control the spread. NMAC has always been forward-thinking in Bermuda’s healthcare and staying ahead learning health advancements worldwide as well as ensuring our staff are focused on continued education so we can better serve our clients and stay prepared for these changing times. Even with this Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Kyjuan Brown and team ensured we had our Medical PPE and procedures in place to continue to serve our patients in a safe environment, including optimizing virtual and concierge medical visits with our fleet of Doctors for those patients who prefer to remain at home.

NMAC worked with the Bermuda Government to manage the launch of the SouthSide Drive-Through Covid-19 Testing Facility as well as consult with the Bermuda Health Department and Premier on best practices which helped with Bermuda’s high ranking due to good management of this virus. We continue to work with the Bermuda Government and keep abreast of the Global updates on Covid-19. NMAC has Covid testing clinics and concierge services available, learn more below. Click here for Government’s website updates on Covid https://www.gov.bm/coronavirus.


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NMAC COVID clinic NMAC VIP concierge Banner NMAC COVID clinic NMAC VIP concierge Banner NMAC COVID clinic NMAC VIP concierge Banner NMAC COVID clinic NMAC VIP concierge Banner


Covid-19 testing is very important and the only way we can confirm if you have COVID-19. Testing helps people determine if they are infected regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. Testing helps reduce the spread of the virus. When someone tests positive for COVID-19, they can be isolated at home or, if needed, in a hospital. Taking testing measures to prevent the spread of infection will be one of the most effective strategies for helping Bermuda and the world get us safely back to work and school and help the economy. Testing is important to protect your family, friends, coworkers, and the people you encounter day-to-day.



Presented by NorthShore Medical Center

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Testing 7 days a week

Experiencing Symptoms? Traveling? Recently Travelled?
In Contact with Possible/Positive Persons? Need Group Testing?

Want to be Cautious?
Call (441)293-5476 to schedule your appointment

Testing Location:
NorthShore Medical Center
7 North Shore Road, Devonshire, Bermuda DV01





Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by testing for COVID-19.

As the threat of the variants lingers, people travel and cases continue to increase worldwide, it’s important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

If you’d like to be tested because of symptoms, exposure, Safekey, travel plans or simply for peace of mind, NMAC's Covid Center provides multiple convenient options. We have performed thousands of COVID-19 tests since the start of the pandemic.

Please note, if you have recently traveled back to Bermuda, you can also get your testing done at our NorthShore Medical Center for your convenience as opposed to testing at the designated government sites. Also, see our options for getting Antigen testing for your return back to Bermuda.

Walk-Ins are available, however we strongly recommend booking online to guarantee an appointment and save waiting time.



Below are 7 options to get the trusted NMAC COVID-19 test.



1. Visit our Covid-19 On-Site Testing Center

Avoid the Lines, Our Online Booking System Makes it Easy!

Located conveniently out of the hustle and bustle of town at 7 North Shore Road Devonshire DV01. We have ample parking and you can take a glimpse of our beautiful view of the NorthShore.

48 to 72 Hour Turnaround for all options, for faster results see below our VIP option

2. Carside Covid-19 Testing

Remain in the Comfort of Your Cars!

We want to do our best to keep you and your families safe! We don't want to have symptomatic patients mixing with non-symptomatic patients during testing, so at NMAC, for symptomatic patients, we provide carside covid-19 testing. Once you drive up to our covid testing facility parking lot, you can conveniently stay in your vehicles, call 293-5476 and an attendant will assist you in your vehicle.

3. VIP Private Concierge Covid-19 Testing

Any day, any time, let us come to you! Great for groups too!

Mon - Friday 8am to 5pm | Sat 9am to 5pm
We know it can be a hassle finding the time to test and the long lines may not agree with your busy lifestyle. You also may not feel comfortable around waiting in large groups or unable to leave your home without the hassle. You may also just be looking to provide group testing for your employees, or clients. This is why we are offering you a VIP Service to provide testing at your home, at events or in the workplace; This is for businesses, events, parties, or other occasions when large numbers of people need to be screened, or if you prefer to remain at home.

4. VIP Expedited Covid-19 Testing

Don't Miss Your Flight or Event!
Same day turnaround*

Mon - Sat 8am to 10am
Let's be honest, pre-Covid our lives were busy and now, with constant Covid shifts in our lives, jobs and health with the pandemic, we are always on the go. Sometimes we even forget to book the essential things. This option is great for those with last-minute travel/event attendance needs. You may need to fly out for a medical emergency, business trip or attend a last-minute event and need covid test or Safekey. We have this convenient testing option just for you at NMAC!
*Turnaround time dependent of lab collection availability and time of sample collection. 10am is the cutoff.

5. Oral Swabs Covid-19 Testing

For non-symptomatic children or if adults prefer to get the oral swabs vs the nasal swab, please consult our Covid-19 team on this option.

6. Rapid Antigen Testing

These tests were just approved for Bermuda and are now available at NMAC from our COLA accredited lab. Tests are administered on site at the NMAC Covid-19 clinic, you can get results within 1 to 2 hours and results can be used as an official travel document. Please check with your airline carrier and destination for the approved list of tests before you book. These tests currently can not be used as SafeKey, arrival travel authorization continuum or get you out of quarantine.

7. TeleHealth Testing Service

As of January 20, 2022: Antigen tests can now be used for travel Departure, Pre Arrival, Day 4 and for exit out of quarantine! No longer would persons require PCR testing unless they are traveling to a country that requires it for entry! NMAC Covid-19 Testing Center has a convenient new Telehealth Testing Service available for anyone that needs verified Antigen Testing for travel, exit quarantine or other reason. Get tested from the convenience of your homes or hotels. No more standing in long lines! You can purchase FDA Approved antigen testing kits from us at NorthShore Medical, from the LF Wade International Airport, Sargasso for delivery, or use the FDA Approved kits you already have or can buy.