Dr Dale talks to Nurses at Bermuda Hospital Board on sugars and stress


On Thursday August 11th 2022, Dr. Katherine Dale, our newest doctor to the team, was invited to give a talk to over 30 nurses at the Bermuda Hospitals Board. The participants learned about the effect of sugars on our bodies: decreasing circulation and stressing our energy.

The participants looked at some of the foods we eat ourselves, and then considered how these foods can increase and decrease our energy levels. Sugar might help us in the short term, but we get tired really quick after eating it. And there are some foods we might think are great for us, but if we eat these sugary foods alone they can cause more harm than good.

We talked about our exercise habits, and we spent a few moments in mindful meditation to calm our bodies. Stress is very hard on the diabetic body. As practitioners we are in an excellent place to teach our patients about how to self-care through eating right, exercising and managing stress levels.

Do you want to have Dr Dale speak to your organization?

Title: Sneaky Sugars: Common Food That Are Surprisingly Bad for Our Sugar Level.

Brief Description: Do you know that sugar lurks in your everyday grocery items? This presentation will discuss food items that are surprisingly bad for our sugar levels. The presenter will also explain what is happening physiologically inside our body with high sugar in our bodies.

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Here are some of the Feedback we received from the nurses:
Good day,

Thank you for your presentation. It was very well-received.


Good Day Ms. Drummond & Susana.
I really enjoyed Dr. Dale. It was interesting and gave me a little to work on too. :-)
I am interested in more learning lunches whenever you have them. Thank you.
Have a great day!