Pain or Pleasure?


Dr. Cindy Morris, visiting pain specialist at NorthShore Medical says
“It’s Time To Love yourself!”

There is no room for pain during Valentine’s Day, only pleasure! However, while many celebrate Valentine’s Day with love, there are many still in physical pain. 2021, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we are going to focus on loving ourselves first while also recognizing when our loved ones are in pain.


If this applies to you or someone you love, then let’s book an appointment today:

  • Headaches, backaches, pain in the neck, shoulders, everywhere?
  • Just can’t get comfortable no matter what you have tried? Depressed from that?
  • Tired of hearing “but all your tests are normal” and “you don’t look like you are in pain”?

Many Bermuda residents are suffering daily from physical pain, some as a result even turned into mental and emotional health issues due to a past injury or trauma untreated properly. This can be easily helped with our pain management services.

Dr Cindy Morris says “Loving yourself means believing your body is sending the right signals. I believe you. Your body will give me the information to immediately begin helping it feel better.”

Reduce your suffering with Doc’s assistance! Let us help you. We Specialize in Pain Management!